About us
Funke Gerber - partner of dairy industry since 1904

Company Profile

Founded: 1904

Managing Director: Graduate engineer Konrad Schaefer



The company develops, manufactures and markets the following equipment
and accessories worldwide:
• All equipment and accessories for the „Gerber method of determining fat content“:
centrifuges, water baths, reading lamps, butyrometers
• „CryoStar“ freezing point determination units
• „LactoStar“ and „LactoFlash“ milk analysis devices
• „FermentoFlash“ beer analyzer
• pH meters
• General laboratory equipment



Turnkey installation or the design of complete laboratories in the following special fields:
• The milk-processing industry
• Dairies, milk collection centres
• Cheese dairies, butter works, ice-cream, condensed milk and powdered milk factories